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Spring has sprung and, with it, an annual feast for the senses is upon us again. The days are longer and brighter. More often than not, the sun is shining. The world is back in bloom. It’s around this time of year that we all get the chance to shake ourselves off and dig our way out of any ruts we may have gotten ourselves into over the winter. Spring, after all, is a time for venturing back out into the world to enjoy all that it has in store.

That’s right—spring cleaning isn’t just for that colony of dust bunnies propagating behind your furniture. It’s time to dust off a few other key elements too: your taste buds, your spring wardrobe, and your senses of fun and adventure to begin with.

Here is a list of the key simple pleasures to get out there and enjoy this spring after such a long and harsh winter.

Feel the Sun on Your Face

Enjoying a little sunshine doesn’t only brighten your day, it also brightens up your body and mind. And it just feels good. In addition to being a great natural source of vitamin D (excellent for bone health!), exposure to sunlight is thought increase serotonin levels, making us feel happier, calmer, and more focused.

Go for a Walk, Jog, or Bike Ride

If you’ve been cooped up in the gym all winter, now is the time to switch up your exercise routine and move it back into the great outdoors. Going for a brisk walk, a jog, or a bike ride is great cardiovascular exercise and comes with mental and emotional fringe benefits. A simple change of scenery while you propel yourself along under your own power can spur new ways of thinking, improving your creativity and mental resilience. It also makes for a fun change of pace as a social activity, even if you’re just people watching.

Drive with the Windows Down

Whether you’re running errands, headed across town for a meeting, or just going for a drive to clear your mind, roll those windows down so you can enjoy the fresh air and warmer weather. Give yourself a moment to connect with your breath and the way the air feels on your skin. Allowing ourselves to feel gratitude for such a simple thing as this can be an act of self-care. Bonus points if you bring your dog along for the ride. Fido’s got the right idea about letting the wind blow through his hair.

Literally Taste the Season

One of the best things about spring is how amazing produce tastes during this time of year. Ripe strawberries, apricots, and peaches are a luscious treat. So are freshly steamed artichokes and roasted asparagus dusted with a little lemon zest. If you are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market in your local community, now’s a great time to go see what sorts of treats there are to be found there.

Eat Outside

Fight us on this if you want, but we swear that food tastes better when you eat it outside, especially in the spring. Pack up a basket with some of your favorite snacks and some chilled wine or sweet tea, and head out for a picnic. Or gather up some friends and head to the beach, the lake, or just your local park for a cookout. Pick some place beautiful and companions you’d like to share it with. Rinse. Repeat!

Get Some Dirt Under Your Nails

Whether you’re a veteran, verdant-thumbed gardener or a total noob just looking to get started, it’s planting season and the splendor of your garden awaits. Taking time out of your busy week to nurture a garden is a great way to reconnect with the land and to nurture yourself.

Add a Touch of Spring Indoors

As gorgeous as this season is, you can’t be outdoors all the time. So, bring a touch of spring indoors with you when you retreat back home. A small vase of daffodils, daisies, or crocuses adds a splash of brightness and color and a breath of fresh air to your domain.

This article is intended for general informational and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. For more information about whether a reverse mortgage may be right for you, you should consult an independent financial advisor. For tax advice, please consult a tax professional.