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Live Well By Doing Good

Retirement doesn’t mean your contributions to society stop. It can simply mean you change roles, and it could be your most fulfilling position yet! Throughout your life, your community has given back to you–from the soccer league as a kid to the summer concerts in the park that you enjoyed after a long work week. On the flip side, maybe you had a rough childhood and wished you had better afterschool programs and access to mentors. Perhaps you just moved to your community a few years ago and still trying to figure out how you can fit in. Whatever your story is, retirement is your time to give back or champion what you never had.


By the time retirement comes around, each of us has had decades of experience in work and the school of life. When figuring out the new role of the type of volunteer you want to be, let your experience and passion be your guide.


To get your giving-back juices flowing, here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that may just speak to your heart:

  • Teach: Now is the time to share your real-world wisdom with others and facilitate insightful conversations. You could hold free classes at your local library or community center. Additionally, many public schools are chronically underfunded and could use extra tutors and mentors.
  • Support Hotlines: You have over half of a century worth of words of encouragement, support, and wisdom. Use them to save lives by volunteering for a hotline that serves a cause close to your heart.
  • Be a docent: Museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos and so forth are pillars of a community. They give people access to adventures around the world and time-travel throughout history without having to leave their town. Be part of opening up eyes, minds, and hearts!
  • Serve your neighbors: The home next door has two working parents who are in need of a well-deserved break. You remember those hectic days and know just how you could lend a hand! Offer to take their kids to soccer practice, help with the yard, bring over dinner, or babysit while the parents enjoy a night with each other.


Live well by doing good.

Several studies have concluded that Americans age 60+ who give back to their community have higher levels of happiness and self-esteem with lower rates of blood pressure and depression. Besides the emotional benefits, volunteering helps the mind stay sharp and body active. On top of the benefits to your present self and community, the ripple effects from the good you do can be noticed for generations to come. You are never too old to make your community a better place. Let’s get to work on your retirement volunteering today!