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I thought about discussing things Seniors might do when they reach retirement age.  I Googled just how many citizens fall into that category and was a bit taken aback by the number.


There are, according to Government Records, 1.6 million seniors presently roaming around the Country.  Probably having a social life. I doubt that there is anything I could add that might be something they haven’t already discovered and experienced. But, for the sake of making any comments, and writing something that could be shared, I plead the Fifth and carried on.


Senior hood isn’t something that requires a handbook.  It is a natural phenomenon that everyone will experience if they live to 65 and probably are eligible to collect social security. It’s a time to take advantage of not having to follow a lot of rules, unless you are still employed.  Then the rules may still exist, and your life and experience will continue.  Consider spending some time looking to the future.


Consider what you love to do in your spare time, moments or hours when there are no restrictions, except perhaps those honey-do things you have been putting off.


If you like to golf, dance, sew, read, write, entertain, just keep doing those things.  Perhaps you would love to learn something new, check out a nearby Community College, they have many options and opportunities.


Here is the good thing about becoming a Senior, there are no rules. But there are still laws.


If you are a couple, hopefully you have anticipated that next move without the structure of having a job or career.  If you are alone, divorced or widowed, you may have already begun any or all of these choices. You may make big moves and relocate, to be closer to family or to a pleasant place for Seniors.  You may choose another Senior to share your home, your life, and your dreams.  You may choose to live in a facility where housework and meals are included.


When I became a Senior, I was told by another woman who experienced this same thing and advised me that there are some men who are looking for a Nurse with a Purse.  I would have to add, there are some women looking for Man who has Money.


But here is reality.  It takes money to retire.  Too many seniors do not have the comfort of being financially stable. For some, retiring is not an option, at least not at 65.  You may need to stay employed or even want to stay working at a job you love. If you are open to the idea, consider sharing your home, condo, or whatever, with another person who is in a similar situation.  It can lift some of the financial burden, and concern about living alone.


I’ve been retired for 20 years and I’m content.  I have family who care about what is happening in my life and with my health.  I have neighbors who are available when I need them.  I have friends, men and women, who call for a chat. I have time to do what I love to do, write.  I have five books under my belt and more I hope to write. Life shouldn’t end at a number.


– Isobel from Hot Springs, Arkansas, a FAR customer who is finding purpose in this new stage of her life.


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