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Finance of America Reverse LLC (“FAR”) understands you may be facing unique hardships during this difficult time. Many borrowers who are currently experiencing financial distress related to COVID-19 may be eligible for some type of assistance. Please contact us for information regarding options that may be available to you. If you are impacted by COVID-19, please call 866-654-0020 and have your loan number ready for the Customer Service representative.

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How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help Your Loved One
As baby boomers grow older, many households will seek ways to improve their monthly cash flow.
What to do when your older loved ones need financial help?
<p><a href='https://goo.gl/n9iZSK'><img src='https://www.fareverse.com/content/uploads/2017/03/family-finances-older-loved-one-needs-help.png' alt='What to do when your older loved one need financial help?' width='100%' border='0' /></a></p><p><strong>Image provided by <a href="https://goo.gl/Lt3o2Y">Finance of America Reverse</a>.</strong></p>
How Baby Boomers Can Stretch Their Savings with a Reverse Mortgage
<p><a href='https://goo.gl/ZvvNuF'><img src='https://www.fareverse.com/content/uploads/2017/03/baby-boomers-stretch-savings-reverse-mortgage.png' alt='How Baby Boomers Can Stretch Their Savings with a Reverse Mortgage' width='1750px' border='0' /></a></p><p><strong>Image provided by <a href="https://www.fareverse.com">Finance of America Reverse</a>.</strong></p>
Upsizing with a Reverse Mortgage
You may have considered the way a reverse mortgage could help you remain in your current home. Designed as a means for homeowners who are 62 and older to “age in place,” reverse mortgages are known for this key benefit. But did you also know that a reverse mortgage could...
My Parents Don’t Need a Reverse Mortgage… Do They?
By: Steven Cooley [NMLS #1389501] There’s plenty of time to invest in my children's future. Our family has a good lifestyle, minus a couple amenities. My kids can wear THOSE shoes a little longer. At this stage, I'd much rather spend my hard earned money supplementing my parents’ income. It's...
Reverse Mortgages Are Nothing to Be Shy About
By Steven Cooley [NMLS #1389501] There are many different types of people who could benefit from a reverse mortgage for a lot of different reasons. However, the reverse mortgage product has long had a serious challenge to overcome: consumers’ negative perceptions. Consumers still lower their brows when they hear the...