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It’s another beautiful day outside, perfect for a round of golf. You’ve worked hard your whole career and now it’s time to get your retirement into full swing. How great would it be to call up your friends for a twilight round of golf this afternoon? Sounds like a dream retirement.

Golfing on a Retirement Budget

Although golf is an amazing game that you can play your entire life, unfortunately paying daily green fees can be difficult to sustain on a retirement budget. Luckily there are some senior discounts you can leverage. While the majority of golf course discounts will be found at your local public courses, you should not overlook private courses, as many will extend a discount to seniors as well. Golf courses like to attract golfers during their slower periods and will typically provide senior discounts during their slow times, so you should be prepared to play in the mornings or late afternoons during the week or during off-season times if you want to claim your discount.

Golf discounts don’t just end with the green fees. Senior discounts can also be found on golf cart rentals and at driving ranges. Some facilities will even offer discounts on lessons or golf camps, and pro shops may extend the course senior discount to clothes and equipment in the shop. The age requirements are typically 50 – 55 years old, so take advantage whenever possible.

The majority of golf courses now have their own web sites and you can usually find the senior discounts located under the green fees section of the web site. SeniorDiscounts has over a thousand golf courses listed on their web site, but with fees and the amount of the discount changing each year, it is a good idea to confirm the discount before going to play your next round.

Volunteer Marshaling Options

Your local golf course might also offer volunteer marshaling positions in exchange for perks at the course. As a golf course marshal, you’d be responsible for ensuring that golf course pace of play stays on track. That’s it, you get to drive around the course on a golf cart for a couple hours a day. Some courses may even allow you to bring a few clubs along to practice your short game during lulls between groups. In exchange for couple hours a week, golf courses typically provide unlimited golf, discounted golf cart rentals, range balls, and pro shop discounts. Checking out the toughest holes from different angles is also a great way to get the upper edge. Finding the perfect bail-out areas and knowing the break of each green is great way to wine a free drink from your buddies.

Even while leveraging every discount possible, golf is still an expensive hobby to maintain on a retirement budget. If you have equity in your home, reverse mortgage funding may be good way to supplement your retirement budget. A reverse mortgage specialist from FAR can help you find out if you meet the requirements and if a reverse mortgage is a good option for you.

Between senior discounts and playing options there aren’t many reasons to stay indoors. Get out there and take advantage of the great golf opportunities in your area.

This article is intended for general informational and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. For more information about whether a reverse mortgage may be right for you, you should consult an independent financial advisor. For tax advice, please consult a tax professional.