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We think it’s pretty safe to say that this year has been a crazy roller coaster of an experience. 

What’s up is down. What’s down is up. Nothing is predictable. Each day brings new surprises. 

That’s all the more reason why we were so happy to forge ahead with our inaugural Recharge Rally event. This event was created to give back to our wonderful team and designed especially to help them  recharge their mind, body, and spirit as we leave this most challenging year and head into a new one. 

With our first-ever virtual Recharge officially in the books, we wanted to look back and share some of the highlights — as seen through the eyes of our employees.


🤩 Building A Culture of Excellence

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit a Ritz-Carlton, then you understand how important customer experience is to them. Their iconic Leadership Center was established to help promote and build legendary customer experience using five key leadership principles to establish a “culture of excellence.” 

Crystal Seymour on the impact of the Ritz-Carlton speaker: “She touched on her company’s principles and how they were created by the employees, FOR the employees. This allows the principles to be realistic, obtainable, and most importantly REAL.” 

The Power of Lists 

When life gives you lemons, it’s time to make a list. We’ve all had our share of ‘lemonade’ this year but if there’s one thing our employees are learning it’s that it is OK to step back for a moment and take stock of things that need to be done. Between juggling our family life and professional pursuits, lists are a good way to keep focus. Just ask Carta Farrill who took that advice from her grandmother. “Make a list and check things off of it, which is quite satisfying,” she explained. 

🤔 How to Stay Focused on Important Things

It’s easy to give in to the noise and the distractions. Sometimes, all it takes is reminding yourself what’s most important. Because many of us are working from home, it’s easy to forget that the thing we are all working towards is right there with us. For Heather Cordova, family is what always helps bring back focus on what truly matters. And, so does her work and how it impacts others. “To stay focused, I tend to remind myself of the bigger picture. That what I do today can and will affect someone else’s future. Even as minute as my role is in the company, I continue to remind myself of that. I also remind myself that my family is always expecting not just to provide for them but to show them how a person should act and treat others.” 

🗓 One Day At A Time 

When things get really tough, it’s sometimes best to remember that we’re living in the moment and that today is the most important moment we’ve got. When we break down our life’s to-dos in daily or even hourly chunks, it makes them far more manageable. For Rosangela Robinson, taking things one step at a time is the key to her success. “What can I do to complete this task, help this borrower, answer this borrower’s question? While my job requires me to multi-task all the time, there are moments where I need to step back and zoom in so that I can give all my attention to the one most important thing in front of me.” 

🗓 Our True Heroes

When it comes to our real heroes, it’s amazing how many of us reach to those we love most — our family. 

Melissa says her mother will always be her hero and her legacy has left a lasting and lifelong impression on her: “Even in her absence, I feel her every day, motivating me to drive higher and work harder. She will always remain the strongest figure in my life. She is my hero.” 

🚀 Lessons That Will Recharge Us For A Long Time 

One of the best examples of how this event has inspired and impacted us is by the lessons and takeaways we’re reading following the event. Here are a few examples of how these last few days and speakers have changed our team’s outlook for the better!

Maria Reed on taking Recharge personally: “I learned about how to focus not just on my job, but I need to focus more on myself…I am going to try to recharge and take care of me, so I can be better for my family and my team.” 

Jessica Rankins on how important culture and storytelling is: “My key takeaway is this: In order to have a culture of excellence we must be able to tell our story with conviction, have an infinitely positive mindset, and focus on being aligned with our leadership as well as company and personal goals.” 

The level of positive response we’ve received from our teamduring the Recharge Rally has been overwhelming. Throughout this event, we’ve learned a tremendous amount of new skills that will help us as a team well into 2021.

This article is intended for general informational and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. For more information about whether a reverse mortgage may be right for you, you should consult an independent financial advisor. For tax advice, please consult a tax professional.