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Isolation isn’t great, but it’s not that bad either.


There have been times in my life when I would welcome peace, quiet, and isolation. However, I don’t like to be told what to do, and the older I get, the more stubborn I appear.


But then I stop and analyze my situation.  I have no issues with the mandate; I already go weeks at a time without leaving the house, having anyone drop by, or spending time standing in the pantry doorway looking for something, anything to eat. If that’s what it takes to rid the World, bring it on.


I have several electric devices that allow me to keep up on the latest involvement across the country and the World.  Staying in place is not an issue.   I no longer drive, I severed all of my social connections several years ago if it meant putting on appropriate clothing.  I am so grateful to Hawaii for introducing the Mu Mu.


I look around my home and think of all the things I could be doing to make isolation more palatable; I do this comfortably seated in my recliner in front of the TV, waiting for a favorite program to air.


I can’t recall the last time I dusted, I mean, really dusted.  My reasoning is I don’t want to spread any virus that might be hiding somewhere on a flat surface.


I think I’ve always had the impression if I can’t see things out of order, they probably have become the norm.  Also, too often, when I do get the urge to replace an item where it belonged, something else has taken its place—just one of the troublesome parts of housework, aging, and memory.


I have a large rural property with flowers and mature trees.  Unlike folks who live in a high rise, I can step outside, often in a robe, and enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze.  I have neighbors, not too close, and always offering to pick an item at the store when they do their shopping.


I have only left this place of comfort three times since March 5th. A doctor’s appointment and two drives out in the countryside with my daughter,

to “get the stink blown off,” or so my mother would say.


If you stop and think about the past, we have all experienced times of trial and tribulation in our personal lives and come out on the other side.

Wars, Disease that also spread. Pain and Loss.  The World is taking a beating but will come out the other side stronger, wiser, and, hopefully, more caring.  This is a test.


– Isobel from Hot Springs, Arkansas, a FAR customer who is finding purpose in this new stage of her life.


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