Help Deal With Debt

help_deal_with_debtUntil your loved ones need help, you may not know how much debt they carry or retirement savings they have. They could be one of the many Americans—nearly half—with no retirement savings at all.

As a caregiver, you may have to manage your loved ones’ financial affairs as well as medical affairs. When it comes to finances, caregivers face one common concern: How do I help my loved ones manage debt to live as quality a life as possible?

A reverse mortgage may provide a solution. By drawing on what is often a homeowner’s only asset—their home—a reverse mortgage can provide the funds needed to pay off debt.

Your loved ones can move on with their lives free of financial worry. They can take the proceeds as either a line of credit, to pay bills as they come, or as a lump sum, to pay off existing balances.

FAR helps the caregivers and the cared for.

Sit down with one of our licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialists to learn about the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

  • My Reverse Mortgage Specialist “walked me thru every step of the process—making sure I understood all transactions. He answered any question and concerns—explaining it as many times as it was necessary. He always returned calls…he cared and was concerned about you, not just the loan. All his efforts and actions gave me confidence in him and the company he represented.”

  • “I really appreciate the efficiency and friendly manner that both (my Reverse Mortgage Specialist) and (loan processor) have shown me through this whole process. I’m very impressed with Finance of America Reverse’s service.”

  • “I would like to compliment you for the guidance you gave me during the Reverse Mortgage procedure. Your knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage procedure was evident in your clear, concise explanations. Any questions I asked, if you did not have the answer you researched it and got back to me in a timely manner. The rapport we built during this process made me feel very comfortable and it dispelled a lot of false rumors about a reverse mortgage….I would not hesitate to recommend your company and you as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist.”