Creative Investment Options

creative_investment_optionsYou may be retired, but you haven’t stopped working. Now that you’ve said goodbye to the 40-plus hour workweek, you occupy your time with hobbies, possibly some consulting work, and researching investment strategies.

It’s a challenge for financial planners and retirees alike to figure out how to generate a steady stream of income while adhering to withdrawal guidelines. And many retirees of a certain net worth may not want to cut expenses or downsize their homes once they’ve stopped working.

As the over-60 crowd considers ways to make the most of their retirement savings, they often overlook one underused but highly beneficial tool—the reverse mortgage.

If you own multiple properties, you can easily make that equity work for you. Use the proceeds from a reverse mortgage as a line of credit or as monthly payments. While you receive reverse mortgage proceeds, you won’t have to touch your investments. Watch your portfolio grow and access a smaller percentage of it later.

An FAR licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialist can help you understand how to make the most of your hard-earned nest egg.

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