Living Alone

living_aloneA little over 25 percent of retirees live alone according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study. With individuals leaving the workforce earlier—sometimes involuntarily—and living longer, these single homeowners have to draw from their nest egg for 25, even 30, or more years.

The same study found that adults 65 and older who live alone have more difficulty covering basic expenses. Single retirees have to pay the mortgage and all expenses themselves, which isn’t easy on a modest social security check and average retirement savings. Many single adults worry constantly over whether they will live comfortably throughout retirement.

To ensure that you have the income to live well during every one of your retirement years, draw upon your home equity with a reverse mortgage. The proceeds can provide steady income to ensure that you can easily cover basic expenses, plus even have a little left over for group outings, dinners with friends, and hobbies.

FAR’s licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialists will help you through the entire loan process. From application to closing, a trusted partner will stay by your side to answer questions and offer guidance that suits your individual needs.

With FAR, you’re not alone. Help starts here.

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