Manage Healthcare Costs

manage_healthcare_costsIf you struggle to manage healthcare costs, you are not alone. If you are a homeowner or homebuyer age 62 or older, however, you have an excellent potential income source at your disposal—home equity.

A reverse mortgage from FAR can give you the extra finances you need to pay down medical debt. Pay bills quickly to avoid unnecessary late fees and interest. Set aside some reserves to cover future medical costs or long-term care.

FAR’s experienced Reverse Mortgage Specialists will walk you through the entire process. We aim to deliver superior customer service from your initial inquiry to closing.

Americans age 55 to 64—the heart of the baby boomer generation—face a number of chronic health issues. Yet, they are also living longer, which means high healthcare costs for many more years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports these alarming health statistics:

  • Nearly one in five baby boomers has diabetes.
  • More than 50% take prescription medication for high blood pressure.

Although Medicare will cover many of these adults within the next 10 years, Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Serious illness, emergency surgery, or long-term care needs can financially devastate many homeowners.

With rising prescription drug costs, many older adults struggle to pay for necessary medications, much less an unplanned hospital bill.

Don’t struggle to manage healthcare costs another day. Contact FAR to help take the worry out of healthcare.

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