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Yes. You can achieve your retirement dreams by making your equity work for you.

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Improve cash flow.
Put your equity to work tax-free.*

The HomeSafe® suite is a retirement planning tool for savvy and progressive homeowners. It is a mortgage designed to leverage your home equity in your retirement years while you maintain ownership of your home. Use it for:

Home renovations

Traveling your bucket list

Buying a second home

Portfolio protection & debt consolidation

Home equity is a powerful asset. Do not overlook it. Use your equity as a key component in your overall retirement plan and learn how HomeSafe can be the unconventional solution right under your roof.

HELOC vs HomeSafe Select

Thinking about accessing your equity? It’s important to know the key differences between a Home Equity Line of Credit and a HomeSafe Select Line of Credit.


You still own your home and your name remains on title

No monthly mortgage payments**

Your loan will not be called early and generally cannot be frozen

The loan does not need to be repaid until the house is sold or is no longer your primary residence**

In the event of a default, you’ll never owe more than the home is worth, a non-recourse loan

No pre-payment penalties or annual fee

Flexible retirement mortgage options for your unique situation.

As a leading Reverse Mortgage lender, Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR)’s proprietary HomeSafe suite of products features flexible borrowing options — to help you write a better retirement story.

Fixed rate, best for those looking for low-cost or max-proceeds.

Best for borrowers who are looking for a line of credit.

Best for those who want to keep their first mortgage.