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How are you making retirement work?

It’s not easy planning for your retirement years— and not everyone faces that challenge head on. We want to know how you made it happen. Your inspiration could help others take control of their retirement too, so don’t hold back.

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How are you making retirement work?

  1. How are you making retirement work?
  2. What made you confident your retirement years would be secure?
  3. What did you feel was your biggest hurdle in retirement planning?
  4. If your reverse mortgage was part of your retirement strategy, how did it fit in?
  1. Now that you have no monthly mortgage payments, what does that mean to you?
  2. What does the future hold for you and what do you hope to achieve?


Don’t worry about creating a polished video. Simply jot down a few thoughts ahead of time. Then use your smartphone to record your message. Make sure your phone is horizontal and on a flat, stable surface. Start with your name and your hometown, and in your own words, tell us about your reverse mortgage experience. It doesn’t have to be long, aim for 1-2 minutes.

  1. Shoot your video on your smartphone. Make sure it is horizontal.
  2. Upload from your phone by opening the page in a browser on this same device and tapping ‘browse’. Or upload from a computer by transferring video from recording device to computer. Open this page on a web browser and click “browse.”
  3. Select and upload it.

FAR is proud to share our customers experiences. With your approval, we’d like to share your story either in printed form or video. If your story is selected for a video, FAR will contact you to see if you’re interested in participating in a professional video production.

Yes! Of course. We will contact you to present your final written testimonial for your consent and approval prior to publication.