Teri Murray

Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS# 543750
Office: 361-571-1560

Hello, and welcome to my website.

As a licensed reverse mortgage consultant with Finance of America Reverse, LLC – one of the nation’s leading reverse mortgage lenders—I am honored to serve homeowners age 62 and older in the state of Texas. I’m dedicated to helping them leverage the power of home equity to achieve greater financial independence. The best part of my job is knowing that I can provide a service that has the power to potentially enhance the quality of life for seniors.

Before I started working in the reverse mortgage business, I had the opportunity to originate traditional forward mortgages in a community bank setting for 19 years; fully embracing the philosophy that customer service is an attitude, not a department. I also served as the Senior Retail Risk Manager of a large consumer-lending portfolio at a community bank, offering guidance and support to over 300 lenders..      
When I’m not working with borrowers or educating people about reverse mortgages, I have had the privilege of serving in a wide variety of roles in the non-profit community in my hometown of Victoria, Texas. I have served as a chairperson or committee member for organizations such as American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Hospice of South Texas, Theatre Victoria, United Way, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, Beat The Odds, and Habitat For Humanity. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Victoria Fine Arts Association and The Victoria Symphony .
Please consider me a resource. I invite you to explore my website to learn more—and please contact me if you have any questions or would like a free reverse mortgage consultation. I’m happy to share my expertise, answer all your questions, and help you determine if a reverse mortgage is a good financial solution for you. And if so, I’ll guide you through the loan process, every step of the way.  

Did you know?

According to a recent study, 53% of households comprised of people who are age 65 are “at risk” of not having enough funds to maintain their standard of living during retirement. And using a reverse mortgage can reduce that risk. 1

In recent years, reverse mortgages have become a smart and safe way for people age 62 and over to be better financially prepared for the future—and live more comfortably. This retirement financing tool can be used to:

  • Pay off existing mortgage or home equity loan
  • Supplement income
  • Reduce monthly expenses such as car payments or credit cards
  • Establish a cash reserve for future needs
  • Buy a home that better fits their life

1Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, The National Retirement Risk Index: An Update, by Alicia H. Munnell, Anthony Webb, and Francesca Golub-Sass, October 2012.