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San Diego, CA – December 19, 2019 – Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR), one of the largest reverse mortgage lenders in the US and a leading provider of retirement solutions, unveiled their first major consumer campaign today. The Introducing HomeSafe® campaign is a multi-channel effort to introduce the product, its use-case, and a new concept of who a reverse mortgage borrower really is.


The campaign opens with an industry-first – a series of jumbo reverse mortgage client interviews. The unscripted videos were shot at a loft in Venice Beach, CA and highlight borrowers from Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco while touching on their experience with FAR’s proprietary HomeSafe loans.


Each participant in the campaign responded to an open email sent to FAR’s current customer roster and participated in the campaign because they believe in the flexibility and retirement potential that opens up to people with a HomeSafe reverse mortgage. For example, cash flow from these proprietary reverse mortgages enabled clients to achieve diverse goals, including:


  • paying off mortgage balances and other debt;
  • reducing the amount of time spent at work;
  • purchasing homes for children to give them financial stability; 
  • generating cash flow for travel and vacations; and    
  • making home repairs to continue living in a dream home    


“I thought about it, what do I do? Do I sell the house, do I move to a smaller home? I said no, I want to live in my home,” said Linda.


Linda’s Victorian San Francisco home was built in the 1870’s so major work was needed to preserve the original charm of the home and repair her porch. She worked with a mortgage professional to learn how HomeSafe could help her save money each year even after she paid off her mortgage, most of her credit card debt, plus set aside cash for emergencies that is earning interest.


There are 10,000 Baby Boomers who are eligible for and rethinking retirement every day. Some 79% of Boomers own a home and overall senior housing wealth now sits at a record $7.17 trillion. The “mass affluent” segment of this Boomer universe, which represents approximately $14 million households, are a key target market for FAR who to continues to roll out new proprietary solutions across the US.


“Americans now hold more home equity than ever before, providing the greatest opportunity in recent history to create the resources necessary to truly enjoy a longer life. Our hope is that these interviews provide those who are entering retirement with an understanding of how the right combination of proprietary products and resources can help suitable borrowers optimize their home’s equity to live with financial freedom,” said Kristen Sieffert, President of FAR. “We have just scratched the surface of helping a huge demographic tackle uncharted retirement challenges and will continue to bring more options to market based on growing demand.”


“I feel that a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have to work full time to pay off my obligations,” said Steven.


As a practicing attorney, Steven conducted thorough due diligence in looking at all options and hired an attorney to review all the documentation before moving forward with his reverse mortgage, which allowed him to take some equity out of his home. With that income, he was able to purchase homes for both of his children and is spending less time in the office to focus on his art and the two community boards he serves on.


FAR is the leading provider of proprietary reverse mortgages and offers the most diverse suite of products including; HomeSafe® Standard, HomeSafe® Flex, HomeSafe® For Purchase, and HomeSafe® Select. The firm launched its  HomeSafe® Standard product in New York over the summer, the only proprietary reverse mortgage offering in the state and first of its kind to be approved in more than a decade.


“There are different types of reverses out there, they are not all cookie cutter. They give you so much flexibility depending on your lifestyle needs,” said Ron.


Working with FAR, Ron was drawn to the diverse HomeSafe options the right choice offers. He is afforded the flexibility to pay off his accrued interest on a monthly basis, pay it down in a schedule to suit his needs, or pay it off in full. He was also able to pay off all his debts, including credit cards, and as a result, his FICO score soared.


Introducing HomeSafe is a four-part campaign with subsequent extensions gradually rolling out into Q2 2020. There will be more from the Venice Beach interviewees as well as new voices as the campaign continues with a focus on digital and emerging media channels.


“As the head of marketing at FAR, my number one mission is to condition the marketplace for HomeSafe sales. The more relevant HomeSafe becomes, the more we give originators the opportunity to be successful,” said Ashley Smith, Director of Marketing. “Meeting Ron, Steven, Keith & Julienne, Linda, Mario & Veronica, and Richard was easily the highlight of my year. I had been deep in the research process and felt that I had a good picture of the HomeSafe customer but to meet face-to-face and shake hands with these folks took it to a different level. I’ve become a fan. Now, whenever I’m on the Westside or in Newport Beach, I always hope to run into one of them. They are our celebrities.”



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