Update on COVID-19

Finance of America Reverse LLC (“FAR”) understands you may be facing unique hardships during this difficult time. Many borrowers who are currently experiencing financial distress related to COVID-19 may be eligible for some type of assistance. Please contact us for information regarding options that may be available to you. If you are impacted by COVID-19, please call 866-654-0020 and have your loan number ready for the Customer Service representative.

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Home equity can help keep your retirement on track during a pandemic
Let's face it; times are changing. The economy and financial markets have faced challenges and increased volatility. In the past, financial planners recommended using home equity as a last resort and letting it appreciate over time. However, home equity should be a part of your long-term retirement plan. Here are...
You may be surprised at how people are using today’s reverse mortgage
In the past, people used reverse mortgages as a last resort when they became cash-strapped in retirement. However, now that baby boomers are sitting on record levels of home equity, retirees and investors are using the reverse mortgage as a financially savvy tool. With increased consumer protections and lower set-up...
GE, GI, and the future of our safety net
Generational Equity versus Generational Interdependence represents two conflicting theories of how we, as a society, consume government benefits, specifically social security and Medicare.   Generational Equity (GE) posits that children, younger adults, and older adults are in some competition for societal resources. GE proponents argue that this situation becomes more...
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