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When she came through the front door, I knew we were going to be best friends. That was a little over three years ago and there have only been a few occasions where she isn’t by my side, day and night.


When I’m in my office, at the computer, as I am now, she is right here, so I can reach out and touch her.  She is also very patient, waiting for my next move, sometimes trying to anticipate where we are going.  But she knows I am always in charge.


Each night she stands by my bedside, ready to help out however she can and making sure I don’t fall on my way to the commode.   I can literally lean on her to get me where I need to go and make sure I’m back in bed safe and sound.


Ruby is a lovely wheeled walker, complete with a seat that opens to a compartment for items I want to take along but don’t want to carry.  She has sturdy hand brakes, so I don’t go zooming down an incline and front swivel wheels, so I can scoot around corners.


The truth is, I couldn’t stand or walk without her help.  I’ve battled bone problems for over 50 years, but it’s only been the last three years that Ruby has saved my sanity, my dignity and kept me from falling flat on my face.  I had tried a cane, but it did not give me the stability I needed.  No, I never named the cane.


A few years ago, shortly after Ruby took up residence, my daughter and I were invited to join some friends on a cruise.  I had been on one many years ago and I had a bit of trepidation.  But my Passport had a few years until it would lapse, I would be surrounded by our group of friends, AND my daughter knew my needs and would make sure they were met.


Ruby especially liked the limousine ride to the airport.  She was the last in the pile of luggage to be loaded since she would need to be first off so I could get out of the vehicle.


Two flights and some long waits and we finally reached the ship.  Of course, since Ruby and I were a threat to national security, we got an extra exam and “pat down”.


We maneuvered the steep gangplank, we lots of help, we stepped onto the ship, found our cabins and settled in. Of course, even though I had been there before, we made the arduous trip off the ship to see the sights, sounds, and smells of Cozumel


The most memorable part of the cruise for me was a special event.  Our host had reserved six hours at a private resort in Roatan, with white sandy beaches and clear waters.  Ruby and I enjoyed all those hours sitting in a Cabana close to the beach and sampling all the tropical drinks I could handle.


Although both Ruby and I continue to show signs of aging, I’m sure if another adventure came our way, we would be game.



– Isobel from Hot Springs, Arkansas, a FAR customer who is finding purpose in this new stage of her life.


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