At FAR, our mission is our passion: to help you discover the joy that comes from accomplishing your retirement goals.

FAR's growing suite of tools empowers you with a personalized plan. FAR is the top ranked reverse mortgage lender on Consumer Affairs. We are one of the oldest reverse lenders in the market today. FAR has been the #1 Wholesale reverse mortgage lender for 8 years and counting…

FAR is part of the greater Finance of America family of companies providing excellence in lending across residential mortgage, commercial, retirement, personal and student lending.

Our foundation, Finance of America CARES, actively works to address the needs of seniors around the country.


What our customers are saying


I am old enough where I wanna enjoy the rest of my life and I needed the funds to do that. Finance of America Reverse has the jumbo reverse mortgage and they did a fabulous job when I went through the application process. The application and underwriting took about 30 days when I thought it was gonna take 90 days. It went smoothly because I have a clean slate when they did my credit and everything was fine when they checked out my background. It’s my first experience and David, the fellow who represented me, did everything he said he was gonna do. He was the only guy with the company that I talked to. Every time I called him, he responded and he answered my questions successfully. I was very happy with it.

I took money upfront and then I get a monthly payment. Also, I got a fat flat rate in the beginning and now I get a monthly deposit in my checking account for five years. Now, I’m getting on with my life and I don’t need to worry for a while. I’m 76 years old and they say I only have five more years, so I’m gonna enjoy it. It was a wonderful experience with Finance of America Reverse and I’ve given Dave’s name to several people.


Finance of America Reverse is a good company to go with. They have all their ducks in a row to be able to accommodate you. I wanted my daughter to start her new business and I wanted to help her out. But I didn’t want to be strained doing that so I looked into doing a reverse mortgage. The people from Finance of America Reverse were very polite. They asked me a lot of questions about my financial situation and if that house which was paid and cleared for is mine. They also checked my credit. They talked to me about it and ways to improve it. The loan officer I worked with was a good guy too. He was friendly, pleasant and very punctual. He answered all my questions and kept me in the loop. The process was real easy. Thirty days and I was done. The rate was also reasonable and good. It was a great experience and the loan helped my daughter out tremendously. I also did some knick knacks, some updates, around the house.


My husband had stage 4 cancer, and we ate through quite a bit of our savings during his illness. I also didn’t wanna worry about losing my house. I started out with three different companies, researched them, and talked with representatives of each company. I felt most comfortable with the fact that the representative from Finance of America Reverse was in Indiana, and all the others were in California. I thought somebody who was a little more local met or understood my needs better than somebody in California. Andrew was the name of my representative, and he was very personable. He was easy to talk to. He answered all my questions. He returned my calls or my emails very promptly. I did not feel pressured. One of the other companies, in particular, made me feel very pressured, and I didn’t appreciate that. Overall, it was a very good customer service with Finance of America Reverse.